Multi-Bar Cropper

Used to cut down square pre-cast piles with four to eight rebar.

Multi-Bar Cropper

The Multi-Bar Cropper is the chosen piece of equipment when cutting square pre-cast piles with up to eight rebar.

It is suspended from the dipper arm of a 360° excavator and is powered by the excavators in-board hydraulics. The cropper is lowered over the pile in 300m increments until fi nished level is achieved.

Please note that chains are provided with this machine.

Technical Specifications

Pile Size (mm) 200/300 300/350
Machine Carrier Class (tonne) 6/13 6/13
Oil Flow L/Min 40/80 40/80
Operating Oil Pressure Max (bar) 210 210
Height (mm) 400 400
Width (mm) 1300 1400
Length (mm) 1300 1400
Weight (kg) 450 500