Mr Cropper Engineer Volunteers At Kenyan Orphanage


Mr Cropper Service Engineer Paul Iandico, recently travelled to the Shimba Hills in Kenya to volunteer at the Footprints Orphanage. Founded by Kerry Wanjala (Watson) from Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, the orphanage provides not only shelter, food and water for orphaned and vulnerable children, but also quality education, security and hope for the future in a loving family environment.

Commenting on his expedition, Paul said; “I’ve always thought about doing something like this as most people do, so one day I just decided to send the orphanage an email They replied asking when I would like to come, so I told them the dates, it was confirmed and then my journey started.

When I first arrived I didn't know what to expect I was a little bit shocked as there was no running water, no toilet and no electric. This was a big shock to the system! I enjoyed every minute of my volunteering and loved spending time with the children.

My volunteer work included some painting, working on the allotments, milking cows and a lot more. Most of all I enjoyed spending quality time with the children making bread, cooking, assisting the school bus driver to take them to school in the morning at 5.30am and picking them up at 3.00pm. As you can imagine, they don’t have roads like we have and the roads where predominantly sand and so bad so when it rained they washed away and made big potholes. It was an unforgettable experience thanks to the amazing staff and children at the orphanage.”