Mr Cropper Announces FORS Gold Accreditation

Mr Cropper’s commitment to sustained operational safety and efficiency has been officially recognised by The Freight Operator Recognition Scheme after receiving the prestigious FORS Gold award.

The award, which covers all transport processes, is a clear endorsement of Mr Cropper’s systematic programme of continuous improvement, achieved through rigorous internal auditing and a willingness to keep one step ahead of current safety and environmental legislation. This mark of quality means Mr Cropper can proudly display the FORS Gold logo on email, stationery, vehicles and the company website.

Continuous Performance Monitoring

The high standards exacted by the Gold Award are subject to a mandatory annual renewal which is scrutinised to ensure both Silver and Gold criteria are being upheld. To accommodate this, FORS provide Performance Management Tools and guides which enable year round monitoring in key areas such as:

1. Tyre wear

2. Fuel consumption

3. Environmental impact evidence

4. Recording and filing procedures

How Customers Benefit

Significant reductions in fuel consumption help to keep down costs as well as reducing the carbon footprint. In addition, FORS accredited vehicles are statistically less likely to be involved in a collision while delivering, commissioning or servicing equipment. Most importantly, Mr Cropper’s Gold accreditation means customers and their employees can be confident they are working with a company which is embracing best industry practice.

 With business increasingly mindful of the need to connect with companies conforming to the concepts embedded in FORS, this gold accreditation means Mr Cropper can tender to potential new and existing customers with added confidence.

Lee Pavey, Logistics Manager, adds;

“Our success at attaining the FORS Gold has underpinned our culture of continuous improvement within transport operations, where good performance, especially of drivers and the transportation of equipment, is recognised. We look forward to maintaining these high standards using the skills and knowledge we have gained throughout our journey with FORS.”