Interview with Mr Cropper Operations Manager – Darren Barton

Mr Cropper’s long-established pedigree is based on the quality of its people and equipment in which both play a key role in delivering safe, efficient and effective groundworks solutions. The business, which supplies to a wide range of nationwide construction projects, continuously focuses on the safety of its equipment, staff and customers. Playing a key role in maintaining these high levels of safety is Mr Cropper’s Operations Manager, Darren Barton. Darren talks more about equipment maintenance procedures, staff training and achieving Gold FORS accreditation.

Q. How do you ensure you maintain the highest quality standards in the fleet?                                                                                                                                                                         
A. In order to maintain high standards of on-site health and safety, we regularly invest in our fleet to give our customers the confidence that the croppers they receive on site are safe, reliable and robust. In addition, all our equipment goes through a rigorous test procedure before being made available for hire.

Q. What training/qualification/experience does the Mr Cropper team have?                                                                                                                                                                           
A. Apart from the close working relationship and support from our suppliers, all our technicians have many years’ experience; a valuable asset when delivering and handing over equipment on site. The experience and qualifications of the team also extends to our Service Team who all have received external hydraulic training provided by the National Fluid Power Centre. Both the Service Engineers and Technical Sales Representatives are highly skilled and experienced in the groundworks sector, offering technical and practical support; including site visits in order to fully understand the project requirements and to assist the customer in selecting the correct cropper for the job.

Q. How does Mr Cropper comply with safety legislation?     

A. The team at Mr Cropper is always striving to provide a better, safer service to its customers and achieving the FORS Gold accreditation proves how committed we are as a company to achieving best practice. This accreditation, along with our ISO (Quality Management) accreditations, gives our customers an assurance that we are dedicated to being the very best at what we do.