A Day In The Life Of A Mr Cropper Service Manager

Delivering safe, efficient and effective groundworks solutions are fundamental to the service that Mr Cropper offers. The key to achieving this goal is in the quality of our people and equipment. As a business we continuously focus on safety of our equipment, staff and customers while continuing to meet our customers’ demands nationwide. Pivotal to maintaining our high standards of safety and customer service is Mr Cropper’s Service Manager Pat Roe who talks more about the day-to-day challenges of the role, customer interaction and team work.

Describe a typical week for a Mr Cropper Service Manager

There is never a ‘typical’ week as it varies so much from one week to another. My main focus is on ensuring that kit is available in the right place at the right time and scheduling our fleet of vehicles to respond quickly to our customers’ delivery requirements. I oversee the daily operations function for Mr Cropper and manage the team of Service Engineers.

What has been your most recent satisfying maintenance challenge?

In February this year I assembled and installed a 2.2 metre Pile cropper in Gothenburg Sweden, showing the customer how to use it and how to repair it should they need to. This was on the foundation piles of the Karlatornet which will be the tallest building in the Nordic countries.

What are the key health and safety factors related to your role?

Health and safety plays a huge role. The safety of my team and the ‘end user’ is paramount! It is essential that Mr Cropper’s kit is used correctly in order to maintain safety on site. We are always looking at ways to improve the way equipment is used and carry out tests as an integral part of the Operations function.

Who do you normally come into contact with on-site & why?

On site, the main port of call is the ‘Site Contact’ this could be the Site Manager, the Contractor or the Excavator Driver. We always try and speak with the Excavator Driver as they use the cropper and understand aspects such as how to ‘dump’ pressure in the excavator in order to attach the cropper or how to remove or install links in a cropper.

How important are other members of your team to the success of your role?

Every member of the Mr Cropper team plays a vital role. They are the eyes and ears of what’s going on, from the Sales Team, who get the orders and advise us of any ‘special’ requirements, to the Hire Desk who put the orders on and schedule the transport. Also playing a key role are the Service Engineers who tell us if they are encountering any problems on site and the Workshop Service Team who advise on the functionality of the equipment.

What key attributes do you think are most useful in your role?

Being a Service Manager at Mr Cropper is a role where you need to be able to do many different tasks on many different levels, from administration work to servicing the kit. This includes report-writing one minute to stripping and servicing a cropper the next. It is important to have a flexible approach in how things are done such as advising the customer on what piece of kit would suit their requirements.

How do you unwind after work?

I cycle around 50-60 miles most weekends and evenings during the summer months. I also like to make things out of bits of scrap and junk such as home-made lamps and book ends.